Photo supplied by K.F. Neilson

Source; North-west Development Agency

"As well as being one of the top 10 beaches in the UK, Ainsdale has again been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag for 2005 - in 2004 it was a first beach in the north-west of England to achieve the standard. With the new Discovery Centre near by , Ainsdale on Sea beach and sand dunes nature reserves are regularly awarded the ENCAMS Seaside Award. To achieve these awards the beaches must pass rigorous tests including the provision of water safety equipment, good access for all ensuring that the sands have a high quality of cleanliness."

Photo supplied by K.F. Neilson

In essence, it is a perfect place to learn and practise kite surfing. The beach is large, safe and free from obstructions. The local council is keen to develop kite surfing and is redesignating the beach as ' Kite beach'. The Coast And Countryside Management Services already provide a ranger and lifeguard service and this year will be implementing new signs and zoning system. There is in existence already a permit system in operation to ensure all users have appropriate and adequate insurance cover. It is the council's intention to make Ainsdale the Premier Kite surfing venue in the UK.




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